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  • Superior 12 shot magazines (17 shot for 0.177) to fit Theoben Rapid, RAW, and Impact air rifles.
  • High Quality magazines that will not suffer expansion or degradation with age due to moisture, sunlight, or lubricants.
  • Machined to finer tolerances thus presenting the pellet to the breech in perfect condition.
  • Redesigned and uprated to ensure resilience and robustness.
  1. Improved centre rotor boss hub - will not shear as easily as originals when fully loaded and accidentally dropped.
  2. Interference fit rotor indexing pin strengthened with a threaded grub screw that has a wider machined end thus minimizing cover stress, cracking and assists in preventing cutting a channel through the rotor.
  3. Optimised ball & spring location.

Magazines (Multi-Shot)

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