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Custom Gun Upgrades

Locate Custom Gun Upgrades

At Dr. Bob's Gun Bits, we know how difficult it is to find the right custom-made gun parts necessary to enjoy your favorite air rifle, such as the Theoben Rapid. Unfortunately, the manufacturer quit making replacement parts and enhancements for this unique and highly prized model air rifle. That's where Dr. Bob's Gun Bits can provide the parts necessary to enjoy a unique and high-quality piece of equipment. We offer a wide range of upgrades and custom-made gun parts that are sure to provide the best results for air gun fans. To learn more about our company and our mission, please browse through the website. Reach out to us directly to learn how to get custom parts or replacement parts for this air rifle type. We look forward to seeing air rifle enthusiasts find the parts they need to continue enjoying their favorite gun.

It can seem nearly impossible to find custom gun upgrades for the Theoben Rapid air rifle. At Dr. Bob's Gun Bits, we take pride in providing a wide range of parts and upgrades for this particular type of air rifle. Although the manufacturer does not make these parts any longer, we are a dedicated company with the goal of providing collectors like ourselves with the parts and replacement options they need to continue to enjoy their favorite air rifles. Order these items from the website or use the contact information to reach out for more information or details about any of the products we currently offer. We look forward to providing options for Theoben Rapid air rifle owners they wouldn't otherwise have today.

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